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Advisory for local energy communities

Doradztwo dla lokalnych społeczności energetycznych
Energopomiar provides comprehensive consulting services to local energy communities, including energy clusters, energy cooperatives, local governments and municipal companies.
Wsparcie w uzyskaniu dofinansowania dla inwestycji

Support in obtaining co-financing of investments that fit into energy strategy of the energy cluster/energy cooperative/local government unit, covering all aspects required by financing institutions and the EU Taxonomy Regulation – preparation of applications and documentation for RES installations to be implemented by energy communities.

Development of pre-investment documentation, e.g., technical documentation, building plans, functional-utility programs, documentation necessary to obtain permits and administrative approvals (including environmental documentation) or adjust local planning documents (e.g., spatial development plans), tender documentation, investment consultancy.

Supervision of the correctness and appropriateness of expenditure of co-financing in energy clusters and energy communities.

Preparation of concepts and feasibility studies, e.g., of RES projects (biomass, solar farms, wind farms, biogas plants, hydrogen) to determine optimum model of operation of energy clusters/energy cooperatives and potential investment opportunities as well as their preparation based on pre-investment activities.

Audit analysis, business plans for local government units including local conditions (municipal supply chains or municipal-industrial supply chains) as a basis for developing the strategy of climate neutrality and a circular economy with regard to energy needs of the local community.

Technical and energy audits of utility/generation infrastructure aimed at determining the actual power generation potential and identifying areas for improvement as regards energy and operational efficiency of the installation/entity/area within the balance boundary.

Energy auditing for cities/municipalities/regions which covers the identification of, inter alia:

  • trends of heat demand
  • power generation potential in the region including the impact of prosumers and also possible installation of renewable energy sources
  • energy potential of waste generated in the city/municipality/region
  • waste heat recovery potential
  • transport needs of the city/municipality/region.
Analizy audytowe, biznesplany dla jednostek samorządowych
one dla miast

Preparation of detailed information on the electric power system of the specific area, energy audits, energy balance, analysis/concept of the system development and its connected sources.

Consulting and supervision of the correctness of cluster's/cluster coordinator's activities in relation to current regulations.

Technical and investment advisory on the construction of technical infrastructure that fits into the model of maximizing the use of local resources and pursuing self-balancing energy systems.

Preparation of applications to the authorities for environmental permits for investment projects in the pre-construction and construction phase – covering a wide range of impacts (air emissions, soil, water, noise), including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and environmental decisions, information sheets.

Development and implementation of dedicated IT tools and engineering support in technical aspects relating to environmental, energy or operational issues for the municipality/region/entity as regards monitoring progress towards the target (e.g., climate neutrality, progress towards a Circular Economy (CE)).

Projektowanie zielona energia
Innowacje OZE Biznes
Zielone miasto
miasto oze
Projekt OZE

Our reference projects

Multivariant technical economic analysis and feasibility study of the option recommended for heat source modernization in a decarbonization perspective

The aim of analysis was to select the plant modernization technology that would enable complete decarbonization with the most favorable effect in terms of carbon dioxide emission reduction compared to the current situation, while maintaining favorable economic indices. The study analyzed such concepts as the construction of a CCGT unit, a gas turbine with a heat recovery boiler, a CHP plant based on gas engines, a gas-oil heat plant, RES sources (solar farms, PV panels, heat pumps, short-term and seasonal thermal energy storage), use of waste heat from installations operating in the city

Technical economic analysis to determine the size of a seasonal thermal energy storage facility in the generation infrastructure for the district heating company

The objective was to make technical economic analysis of a seasonal thermal energy storage facility to be installed in the existing district heating infrastructure to cooperate with the planned electrode boiler powered by wind-generated electricity.

Owner’s Engineer services during the building revitalization project

The services included acting as the Owner’s Engineer and also investor’s supervision, ongoing supervision and final settlement of the project co-financed by the Marshal Office.

Concept of setting up an energy community in the municipality

Consulting services comprised the development of a concept of setting up an energy community in the municipality/city, e.g., an energy cluster or another energy community model, and pre-investment consultancy.

Model energetyczny warszawy

A new energy model for the Capital City of Warsaw 2050

Energopomiar has created an energy model for the Capital City of Warsaw that takes into consideration electroprosumerism conditions, i.e., the situation when electricity generated from renewable sources is the only energy carrier used by the end markets (electricity, heating and transport). The report developed by Energopomiar is a roadmap that sets the direction of transformation of the power sector of Warsaw so as to meet the climate neutrality goals and ensure energy supply for citizens in the 2050 horizon.


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We offer comprehensive consulting services to local energy communities, i.e., energy clusters, energy cooperatives, local governments and municipal companies representing such sectors as district heating, waste management, water and wastewater management, etc.


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