Usługa oczyszczanie chemiczne

Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning

Energopomiar provides professional services related to chemical cleaning and blowdown of equipment and installations, from preparing designs and technologies, discussing legal issues, delivery and assembly of auxiliary installations and chemicals to performance of on-site works and verification of correctness of the process.

  • Post-assembly chemical cleaning and blowdown of new and modernized boilers, including noiseless blowdown
  • Chemical cleaning of power installations and equipment and also foam cleaning of turbines
  • Control of water-steam cycles at power plants and CHP plants
  • Designing of the systems for oxygen dosing, medium sampling and boiler maintenance


Thanks to our extensive knowledge and many years of experience, we can optimize chemical cleaning processes as regards costs and service time, for instance, by significant reduction of auxiliary installations.

Optymalizacja - czyszczenie chemiczne
Czyszczenie chemiczne i trawienie

In addition, Energopomiar ensures control of medium quality, steam purity and the process of designing the system.

The services are provided in a complex way, with delivery of chemicals necessary to carry out chemical cleaning processes.

Our specialists have the UDT license to perform processes of chemical cleaning of boilers.

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