Efektywność energetyczna

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Energopomiar is a professional partner of the power sector and industry in the process of identification and utilization of potential energy savings in energy and technological processes, which carries out top-quality thermal tests and measurements, energy audits and consulting services related to energy efficiency.

An audit is a key element of good engineering practice which results in the enhanced investment, modernization and repair activities and constitutes the basis for measures undertaken to improve technical economic indicators of business operations.

An audit can apply not only to the basic technological or production process and auxiliary processes but also to individual devices included in the technological line.

Energopomiar provides the following services:

  • Company energy audits – according to the requirements set out in the Energy Efficiency Act

  • Energy efficiency audits – to obtain energy efficiency certificates (white certificates)

  • Energy management audits – a diagnostic tool in the process of energy management optimization and to implement the energy management system (acc. to ISO 50001)

  • Audits of investment and modernization projects – to submit applications for financing pro-efficiency projects

  • Consulting on the process of obtaining white certificates (energy efficiency certificates)

  • Consulting on the implementation of energy management systems according to ISO 50001, including energy inspections and training courses

  • Thermal tests and measurements of power equipment and thermal mechanical systems, also by means of a thermal imaging camera

  • Development and implementation of IT systems supporting energy management in companies

  • Consulting on obtaining financing from the EU funds and national financing support programs for pro-efficiency projects

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