Environmental permits and consulting

Environmental permits and consulting

Environmental permits and consulting

Operators of industrial installations are required to meet more stringent environmental requirements by adapting both the installations and their permits to newly applicable regulations. The Environmental Protection Law imposes a duty of obtaining integrated permits and their updates for new and existing installations which may cause significant pollution of individual natural elements or the whole environment.

Our specialists provide industrial plants with full support in obtaining or changing the integrated permit along with preliminary reports and in obtaining a decision on environmental conditions for planned projects.

We also prepare other documents:

  • Applications for waste generation permits and applications for waste collection and treatment permits
  • Aquatic legal surveys and obtaining a water legal permit
  • Air protection plans and obtaining the permit to release gases or dust into the air or notifications
  • Draft remediation plans and obtaining a decision.

Additional testing

Energopomiar also offers tests and measurements necessary to prepare an application for an integrated permit, to obtain a decision on environmental conditions or to prepare air protection plans relating to air pollutant emissions. Based on the needs, they include:

  • complex tests of the soil and water environment
  • environmental tests and measurements as regards emissions of air pollutants from main and auxiliary sources
  • preparation of an acoustic map of the site based on noise level measurements
  • electromagnetic field testing
  • wildlife inventories.

Fundraising consulting

Since 2005 we have been providing advice on the acquisition of grants and preferential loans from national or the EU funds. The main services are:

  • Feasibility studies and preparation of applications for funding pro-ecological projects
  • Monitoring of the implementation of projects financed from national or the EU funds and evaluation of ecological effects of the investment.
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