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Independent Technical Consultant (NTC)

Niezależny doradca techniczny

Independent Technical Consultant (NTC) is a service provided for banks and financing institutions.

The simplified scope of service includes:

  • verification of technical and financial assumptions of the investment project
  • analysis of compliance with the investment implementation schedules
  • invoice approval – confirmation of the execution of works
  • risk analysis
  • investment control

The NTC service has been provided by the Consulting and Investor Supervision Office since 2000. Capital expenditures on projects in which Energopomiar participated as Independent Technical Consultant are over PLN 12 billion.

The list of our major reference services already provided includes the duties of NDT / Technical Consultant and Supervising Engineer on behalf of banks during the following investment projects:

  • modernization of power units, including biomass-fired power units
  • construction of CCGT units and the gas-fired CHP plant
  • construction of the biogas plant
  • construction of wind power plants
  • construction of the water treatment plant, the anaerobic wastewater treatment plant and the cogeneration module
  • construction of the cogeneration plant
  • construction of the flue gas treatment plant
  • construction of installations and CHP plants at chemical plants
  • construction of the thermal waste treatment plant and the waste sorting plant.

Independent Technical Consultant and other services rendered by Energopomiar which enable the environmental impact assessment (including environmental footprints) and energy efficiency estimation based on engineering know-how and experience take on a new meaning in the context of financing and managing investment projects aligned with the EU Taxonomy.

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investment projects


capital expenditures on projects in which Energopomiar participated as Owner’s Engineer


capital expenditures on projects in which Energopomiar participated as Independent Technical Consultant


Advantages for our Customers

  • Cooperation with the Leader in the scope of investment consulting services in power industry – engineering tradition, reliability and competences
  • Guaranteed goal achievement and project risk reduction
  • Professional technical financial monitoring of the project and cost optimization
  • Reliable project documentation
  • Division of competences within the project and access to specialists in many fields (technical, financial and legal consultancy)
  • Possible expansion of cooperation at each stage of the contract
  • Possibility of ordering additional analysis and tests
  • Contractor and subcontractor relationship management and assistance in case of dispute
  • Greater credibility with financing institutions / project sponsors
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