Diagnostyka materiałowa

Material diagnostics

Material diagnostics

Energopomiar carries out destructive and non-destructive testing, including the determination of wall and oxide layer thickness, defectoscopic testing (MT, PT, UT), metallographic testing with the material wear evaluation, hardness measurements, material strength tests, measurements of the geometry of specific parts.

We are involved in material prevention, which comprises tests of quantitative and qualitative composition of deposits on internal and external heat exchange surfaces. We carry out measurements, adjustment and repair of suspension systems including complete strength analysis of pipelines.

Moreover, we provide services related to corrosion protection, maintenance of equipment during its standstill, determination of chemical regimes of cycle medium, testing of coatings and rubber linings.

Material diagnostics and assessment of the technical condition of thermal and mechanical equipment parts

Complex diagnostics of pipelines including complete strength and current stress analysis

Corrosion testing of materials

Maintenance of equipment during its standstill

Benefits of proper diagnostics and maintenance of equipment

  • increased availability and operational reliability of equipment
  • cost reduction due to optimization of technological processes
  • decrease in heat exchange losses
  • process parameter improvement
  • extended time between overhauls
  • identification of modernization or investment directions
  • extended useful life (lifetime) of equipment.

UDT approval

The Laboratory of the Material Diagnostics Section meets the criteria related to the requirements specified in PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025. The Laboratory has the approval of the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) for performing laboratory tests in the scope determined in Art. 9, item 2, point 5 of the Act of 21 December 2000 on technical inspection, namely, destructive and non-destructive tests of manufactured, repaired or modernized technical devices and materials.



Energopomiar has high-quality equipment, among others, a Field Emission Gun – Scanning Electron Microscope (FEG-SEM). By means of the microscope it is possible to study various materials (excluding biological samples), for instance, dry samples, powders, plastics, rubber, laminates, etc., and also determine chemical elements in materials. The FEG-SEM provides ultra-high resolution and contrast.

Osad eksploatacyjny diagnostyka materialowa
Osad Diagnostyka materialowa
Diagnostyka materialowa

The Scanning Electronic Microscope is used in the Material Diagnostics Section to:


examine the microstructure of metallic materials and coatings, including the analysis of structure components, non-metallic inclusions, precipitates, presence of layers


examine the microstructure using triafol replicas


perform EDS microanalysis of the chemical composition in microareas


examine the microstructure of plastics


examine the microstructure of protective rubber linings.

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