analizy przyrodnicze

Nature analysis – comprehensive flora and fauna surveys

Analizy przyrodnicze – kompleksowe badania fauny i flory
Energopomiar provides a wide range of services related to nature research and protection. We prepare expert environmental and nature opinions necessary to obtain permits and also during the investment process, proceeded by field tests and observations and by an in-depth analysis of documentation and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
We use Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to collect data and compile results. GIS allows us to accurately map and analyze environmental data, which significantly boosts our research efficiency.

Support for different projects

Our services related to expert nature opinions are vital for planning and implementing many projects, for example:

  • RES investment projects, designed and existing wind farms and designed photovoltaic farms in particular
  • line investments (roads, power lines, railway lines)
  • energy renovation of buildings taking into account the presence of protected species and habitats (birds and bats nesting or roosting in buildings under renovation)
  • monitoring of conservation objectives of the Natura 2000 area
Obserwacje ornitologiczne
Screening przyrodniczy
Analiza przyrodnicza farmy wiatrowej
Inwentaryzacje i waloryzacje przyrodnicze
Inwentaryzacje i waloryzacje przyrodnicze

Environmental screening

We make preliminary assessments of the natural environment by identifying key areas and potential threats to biodiversity. We use the latest technology and test methods to ensure accuracy and reliability of our assessments.

Ornithological and chiropterological monitoring

We specialize in detailed monitoring of birds and bats. The assessment of a negative impact on birds and bats is an element of environmental procedures when planning the investment process. Our monitoring covers both standard observation methods and acoustic monitoring.

Nature inventory and valorization

We thoroughly test and document local ecosystems to draw up detailed inventories of flora and fauna. Our reports and analysis are helpful when making decisions connected to nature protection and environmental management.

Environmental supervision

We provide environmental monitoring services which help assess whether all activities carried out on the investment project site are compliant with current nature protection laws. Environmental impact assessments form a necessary part of risk management in investment projects.

Consulting and training services

Our consulting services cover all issues related to nature protection, e.g., regulatory compliance or natural resource management. We also provide support during consultations with state and local government authorities and during public consultations. We are open to cooperation in organizing and conducting workshops dedicated to nature protection and environmental impact assessments for companies, organizations and individual stakeholders.

EU taxonomy and ESRS for biodiversity

Biodiversity and ecosystems are one of the key elements of environmental reporting. The demanding ESRS E4 standard (biodiversity and ecosystems) and the EU Taxonomy’s Environmental Objective 6 (protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems) require expertise and knowledge of national and European regulations. Energopomiar offers sustainability consulting services for companies and investors, both in terms of investigating double materiality and reporting on biodiversity and ecosystems.

Contact person:

Dariusz Janigacz
Dariusz Janigacz

Manager of the Environmental Monitoring and Consulting Section

mobile: +48 609 528 974