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Noise measurements

Noise measurements

Our specialists have extensive knowledge of acoustic parameters of various noise sources and experience in solving atypical problems that can appear during the implementation of new investment projects.

  • Measurements of environmental noise from industrial plants (periodic / performance guarantee / verification measurements, etc.).
  • Estimation of the environmental noise emission from existing and designed industrial plants by means of SoundPLAN Software.
  • Determination of acoustic parameters of equipment and installations, including the sound power level of cooling towers, fan cooling towers and stacks.
  • Development of the concept for noise emission reduction in the workplace and the external environment, i.e., estimation of possible noise emission reduction, selection of noise mitigation measures, selection of suitable materials, assessment of the cost of soundproofing systems (with the assistance of companies cooperating with us, we can also provide the design of a soundproofing system and its construction).
  • Assessment of the efficiency of the applied or designed noise soundproofing systems.
  • Noise measurements in the workplace.
    Measurements and calculations of acoustic parameters of rooms intended for human occupancy.
  • Consulting and opinions on the preparation of the Terms of Reference (ToR), formulation of guarantee requirements, procedures for acceptance tests and performance guarantee measurements, etc.
PCA Accreditation Certificate No. AB 550

Energopomiar holds the Accreditation Certificate No. AB 550 for noise measurements in the ambient environment (industrial noise) and the calculation method, noise measurements in the workplace, measurements of noise generated by equipment according to PN-EN ISO 3746, PN-EN ISO 3744 and DIN 45635 and also noise measurements in rooms intended for human occupancy.

New investments and noise emission

When planning new investments or implementing new technological solutions in an industrial plant, it is necessary not only to make appropriate predictions, but also to ensure environmentally friendly contractual terms and conditions. Extensive experience related to guarantee provisions obtained by experts of Energopomiar enables the prediction of possible hazards and problems regarding noise emission levels and their elimination already at the investment stage. Our specialists predict noise emission levels of investment projects in a precise manner and take a comprehensive approach to acoustic issues.

New investments and noise emission
Noise measurements Services

Benefits of services

Noise measurements carried out by Energopomiar enable our Customers to meet the requirements of environmental protection regulations.
For new installations, noise measurements are an essential element of the assessment of fulfilment of contractual obligations.
The calculations of environmental noise emission for existing industrial plants are the basis for determining acoustic impacts of the plant in its different operating modes. Besides, they enable the indication of a dominant source of noise and the evaluation of possible noise emission reduction.