Services for local government units and municipal companies

Usługi dla JST i przedsiębiorstw komunalnych

Energopomiar provides expert consulting, measuring and testing services for local government units (municipalities, cities, etc.) and municipal companies in the following areas:

Decarbonization strategies

Energy efficiency

Air protection and noise

Waste management

Circular economy

Water management

Earth’s surface protection

Water and wastewater technologies

Investment supervision

Audit analysis, business plans and feasibility studies for local government units (municipalities, cities, etc.) that take into account local conditions (municipal supply chains or municipal and industrial supply chains) and energy safety to develop an energy strategy oriented towards climate neutrality and circular economy.

Audit of energy efficiency potential of the city/municipality/region to determine, e.g.:

  • heat demand trends
  • manufacturing potential in the region, including prosumer impact and possibilities of installing renewable energy sources, among others
  • energy potential of waste generated in the city/municipality/region
  • waste heat potential
  • transportation needs of the city/municipality/region.

The audit includes the assessment of technical possibilities of utilizing the identified potential and also the determination of technical and economic indicators.

Technical and energy audits of utility/manufacturing infrastructure to analyze the actual manufacturing potential and identify areas for improvement as regards energy and operational efficiency of the installation/entity/zone within the balance boundary.

Preparation of environmental permit applications to be submitted to the competent authorities covering a wide range of impacts (emissions to air/soil/water, noise), including LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).

Assessment of the Earth’s surface pollution. Advising on the preparation of degraded or converted lands for new investments.

Technical and investment consulting related to the construction of technical infrastructure consistent with the model of maximum utilization of local resources and energy self-balancing.

Development and implementation of the dedicated IT tools and engineering support in environmental, energy and operational aspects for the municipality/separate area/entity as regards monitoring of advances in achieving the assumed objective function (e.g., climate neutrality, a circular economy).

Support in obtaining subsidies for investments in line with energy policy of the municipality, covering all aspects required by financial institutions, including EU taxonomy.

A new energy model for the city

Energopomiar has created an energy model for the Capital City of Warsaw that takes into consideration electroprosumerism conditions, i.e., the situation when electricity generated from renewable sources is the only energy carrier used by the end markets (electricity, heating and transport).

The report developed by Energopomiar is a roadmap that sets the direction of transformation of the energy sector of Warsaw so as to meet the climate neutrality goals and ensure energy supply for citizens in the 2050 horizon.



Tomasz Słupik
Tomasz Słupik

Technical Director

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