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Services for the nuclear sector – environmental and technical scope

Energetyka jądrowa

Energopomiar offers environmental, technical, formal and legal consultancy and supervision over contractors in projects in the field of nuclear energy.

Environmental consultancy

  • Preparation of Project Information Sheet
  • Carrying out environmental monitoring
  • Initial verification (pre-screening) of locations for nuclear installations
  • Preparation of aquatic legal surveys
  • Application for decision on environmental conditions
  • Definition of the scope of environmental impact Assessment report
  • Performance of environmental measurements
  • Preparation of environmental impact assessment report
  • Obtaining decision on environmental conditions
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Technical consulting

  • Analysis, expertise, feasibility studies
  • Verification of technical documentation
  • Support in equipment, material and installation selection and preparation of their delivery specifications
  • Analysis of differences between specific codes and standards
  • Analysis of the requirements of Transmission and Distribution Grid Codes
  • Acceptance tests (arrangements with a Grid Operator, preparation of the test programmes and tests performance)
  • Guarantee measurements

Formal and legal consultancy and supervision over contractors

  • Consulting services related to the selection of subcontractors, including:
    • identification of possible subcontractors
    • participation in subcontractor selection
    • preparation of subcontractor agreements
    • formal, legal and technical assessment of subcontractor’s offers, negotiations
  • Completeness check and verification of subcontractor’s quality documentation
  • Preliminary audits and inspection during the production of devices and installations
  • Evaluation of subcontractors and sub-suppliers
  • Monitoring of timeliness of deliveries
  • Supervision over delivery schedules and schedules of equipment and installation on-site assembly
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Energopomiar is the author or co-author of studies on nuclear power:

  • Analysis of the heat market in Poland with special reference to the possibility of using HTGRs (High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors) as a heat source for the National Centre for Nuclear Research
  • Analysis of the possibilities of involvement of Polish enterprises in the process of implementing the Polish Nuclear Power Program (PNPP) for the Ministry of Climate and Environment (former Ministry of Economy)
  • Development of the functional-utility program (FUP) for the automation system of the MARIA research reactor. The Agreement with the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) covers technical and legal consulting (ongoing).


Dariusz Dekarz
Dariusz Dekarz
Key Account Director

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email: ddekarz@energopomiar.com.pl