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TKE and SAI – IT Systems

TKE® System is a tool to

  • provide technical control of operation of power equipment
  • enable balancing and current supervision of operation of the power unit
  • allow the breakdown of chemical energy consumption into production of heat and electricity
  • provide support to the system optimization by indicating the factors that affect deterioration of performance parameters of the power unit.
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Modules of TKE System

Module for elementary thermodynamic calculations

Simulation module

Auxiliary equipment module (SAI – Engineering Analysis System)

Market analysis module

Environmental analysis module

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System TKE® System can be extended by SAI (Engineering Analysis System) that enables control and support of optimization of power equipment operated in auxiliary systems.
Energopomiar is an official partner of OSIsoft in Poland which delivers PI SystemTM.
OSIsoft is a company founded in 1980, headquartered in San Leandro in California (USA), with branch offices around the world. A global leader in operational analysis which delivers PI SystemTM – an open enterprise infrastructureTM.
TKE and SAI – IT Systems

Major characteristics of the System


High flexibility – indicators and performance characteristics of equipment are tailored to suit our Customer’s preferences

Simple editing and configuration of maps visible online – The Customer can easily create his own synoptic maps and indicate what and how data should be displayed (numerical data, charts, tables, graphs)


The applied IT platforms offer great possibilities as regards the degree of analysis complexity

System optimization – the systems are specially selected to satisfy the Customer’s needs and expectations


Modular structure – we deliver the standard core of the system and then select or design suitable modules so that the system could present data and support processes according to the Customer’s expectations

Knowledge and experience

More than service

Our service care is to maintain functionality of the System and provide technical support to users in interpreting the indicators determined in the System

Hands-on support

Unlike IT companies, we offer added value services in the form of consulting – thanks to our broad engineering know-how in many fields, we can advise on how to optimize energy processes

Development of the systems

We are committed to continuous improvement of our proprietary systems – we provide users with new functionalities and systems complementary to those already implemented
The most important functions of the main TKE®

determination of performance indicators of the turbine set, the boiler, the power unit and the entire power plant


determination of fuel consumption by the individual power units and the entire power plant


breakdown of coal consumption calculated for the entire power plant by direct methods into the individual power units


breakdown of fuel consumption into production of electricity and heat


identification of the factors affecting deterioration of the power unit performance and their conversion into a rise in the cost of electricity and heat generation


individual estimation of performance of both individual equipment and entire systems and the impact of their technical condition on economics of the power unit performance – SAI System

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