Technologia wody ścieków

Water and wastewater technology

Water and wastewater technology

Energopomiar is engaged in the issues related to water and wastewater technologies at each stage of construction, modernization and operation of:

  • water and wastewater treatment plants in the power sector and industry
  • devices for water production for boiler cycles and cooling / heating cycles
  • devices for preparation of demineralized water
  • industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • devices for water quality correction in various cycles, including control of corrosion processes and sludge sedimentation
  • industrial wastewater treatment equipment
  • wastewater treatment equipment of wet flue gas desulphurization systems.

Tasks prior to designing and modernization of water and wastewater treatment plants

  • Technological tests of water, condensate, sewage and industrial wastewater
  • Conceptual work and pilot testing
  • Prediction and qualitative and quantitative balance of streams from water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Assessment of the quality and usability of water sources for various applications
  • Analysis of the impact of wastewater management on the environment in view of adjustment to the legal requirements
Consulting services during tender processes related to water and wastewater management
  • Technical consulting services, including preparation of technical specifications for the Terms of Reference (ToR) and Functional-Utility Programs

Tests and measurements

  • Conceptual work using pilot installations
  • Supervision of technological start-up, performance of test run, supervision of preliminary operation, adjustment operation, personnel training
  • Acceptance tests and performance guarantee measurements of water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Performance measurements
  • Optimization of the operation of equipment, installations and technological processes
  • Diagnostics and control of the operation of equipment, installations and technological processes
  • Laboratory testing of new and used ion exchange resins

Innovative method for ammonia removal from wastewater

The original method for removing ammonia from wastewater generated by wet FGD plants has been developed by technologists and chemists of Energopomiar. In 2020 the innovative solution, ‘A Method for Ammonia Removal from Wastewater and a Stripping Tower for Ammonia Removal from Wastewater’, was patented.

Main advantages of the wastewater treatment system include:

  • a modular nature of the system allows it to be furnished into wet FGD wastewater treatment plants already in operation without interfering with their treatment process
  • a quick adjustment of process parameters depending on the required level of ammonia concentration reduction
  • short retention time for wastewater in the system in relation to even 77% efficiency of ammonium ion removal from wastewater
  • the system does not generate any new wastewater – it is possible to use the resulting ammonia water condensate in other technological processes.

Our employees participate in the work of Technical Committees of the Polish Committee for Standardization:

  • Technical Committee 121 on Water Quality – Chemical Tests – Non-organic Substances
  • Technical Committee 257 on General Metrology.
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